Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cheaper Than Therapy

I am completely obsessed with How I Met Your Mother.

My addiction and love for this show is the equivalent of Harry Potter freaks lining up at midnight at Barnes and Noble to get their hands on J.K Rowling's latest stroke of genius (and you fellow Potter fans know how deep that love for Hogwarts goes...I love How I Met Your Mother the same way).

For those who have never experienced the awesomeness of How I Met Your Mother, it is a show about Ted Mosby and his friends (Marshall and Lily, the married couple; Barney, the womanizer; and Robin, the single Canadian, 'gun-enthusiast' girl) living in New York City. Every girl he dates and every event leads him a little bit closer to his future wife and mother of his two future children, and the person he has to become in order to meet her. No, we still do not know who exactly the mother is, but we have some huge clues.

I could go on for HOURS about how much I adore this show. Mondays are no longer a day of tourture, because this show comes on at 7:00 PM (central time) on CBS on Monday nights. It totally makes my day. I own every season on DVD (aside from the fifthg season, of course, because that's the season going on now) and watch an episode or two before or while I fall asleep. I watch my favorite episodes when I am having a bad day. I enjoy quoting Barney Stinson in every day conversation. I can apply things like The Lemon Law, The Platinum Rule, and the Chain of Screaming to every day life. I always feel so dissappointed when CBS is shows a rerun instead of a brand new adventure.

I'm serious. This show is completely AWESOME.

My favorite thing to do (especially when I have had a rough day) is grab some ice cream, sit down in my living room, and watch this show--the BEST show in the whole world.


These characters are hilarious. They are so well-developed and realistc that it's hard to believe they are fictional. The things they do are hilarious--Robin tries to shave her legs in a restaurant bathroom, using a stick of butter as shaving cream; Barney dresses up as an eighty-year-old-man to try to hook up with girls; Ted has five shots and wakes up the next day with a broken ankle, a girl in his bed, and a pineapple. What's not to love?

Aside from it's hilarity, there's something magical about Ted's journey in finding his perfect girl. It's comedy sprinkled with some heartwrenching moments (uhh, Season 1 finale, anyone?) mixed in with completely romantic, melt-worthy moments. It has all of this and more, without going compeltely romantic-comedy and girly. It makes me laugh and forget about real life for a while. It makes me daydream about my future life as a young person in New York and my future husband. It makes me think of how incredible my friends are, because if there is any group of friends on TV (at least, on a show that is still going on) who completely love each other, it's this one. How I Met Your Mother is a party of laughs, friends, and romance, and if you have never watched it before, go watch it RIGHT NOW.

Bottom line: watching How I Met Your Mother while eating spoonfulls of vanilla ice cream is cheaper than therapy.

Episodes You Should Watch:
Pilot, Season 1
The Pineapple Incident, Season 1
The Limo, Season 1
Milk, Season 1
Come On, Season 1
Slap Bet, Season 2
Something Borrowed, Season 2
Something Blue, Season 2
Wait For It...Season 3
The Bracket, Season 3
Ten Sessions, Season 3
Everything Must Go, Season 3
Miracles, Season 3
Do I Know You?, Season 4
Shelter Island, Season 4
The Naked Man, Season 4
Three Days Rule, Season 4
Right Place Right Time, Season 4
Fast As She Can, Season 4
The Leap, Season 4

What's your cheap therapy?

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  1. I've never watched this show but I like Neil Patrick Harris because of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

    I'm interested in seeing this though. Thanks for the recommendation.