Sunday, January 31, 2010

I dare you to be weird.

Yes, I am daring all of you lovely people to be weird. How weird? Crazy, random, fantastically funny weird. I dare you to grab some friends, go out in a public place, and do something completely out of the ordinary for that location. Start a dance party in the middle of Target. Play Red Rover while you are waiting for a concert to begin. Walk in a single file line while singing showtunes while you're at school. Do something--anything--that is fun that will get people to stare.
Yeah, people are going to stare at you. When you're playing Red Rover at a place that is definitely not a playground (and you're clearly older than seven years old), people will stare. They will probably laugh and say things like, "What are those weirdos doing?"
But that's a good thing! Because you're supposed to be doing weird things!
The incredible thing about being weird in a public place?
People will join you.
Seriously. Maybe for the game in its entirity or maybe for a mere five minutes, but eventually you'll look behind you and see people you don't know grooving to the CD samples at Target, or strategically sending people over for the Red Rover game, or marching in that single file line and belting out 'The Sound of Music.' You may meet some new friends, and you may never see those people again, but you did something awesome that made you and everyone around you laugh in amazement.
I am speaking from experience. It's an incredible phenomenon. So get your best friends together and get ready for the most random afternoon of your life....just be sure to bring your camera!

Not sure where to start? This list has some ideas for ya:

If by some chance strangers don't join you, no worries. You had fun with your friends and it's probably somethign you won't ever forget. =)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey everyone!/ Add To Your Playlist

Hey everyone!
I know I've been sort of unavailable lately, but I haven't forgotten this blog. School has started up again, which means that homework and other extra curriculars and more social life, so I've been busy. =)
No worries, though, I will have some free time soon and I have many ideas for some articles up my sleeve. In the meantime, here are some amazing artists you should check out:

Swing the Coast- These boys have produced catchy pop-punk that makes me want to dance. Their songs remind me of summer and I cannot get enough of them (does pop-punk have that effect on anyone else?)! Swing the Coast is just getting started, but I'm sure that they're going to make it big. Thety have an amazing Katy Perry cover, an original Christmas song, and an entire EP on iTunes. All songs are incredible and give me that happy, summery feeling on the inside. (

Ke$ha-We've all heard 'Tik Tok', we know how to spell her name but nobody knows how to pronounce it (Keesh-ah? Kesh-ah? Cash-ah? Kee-Cash-ah?! I have heard so many pronunciations and I still have no idea which one is correct. I think it's Keesh-ah. Some things we may never know.). Whatever. I love this girl. Like Swing the Coast, Ke$ha makes me want to dance like crazy--and party. If you can get through Ke$ha's entire album without wanting to party all night and hooking up with some cute boys and getting sort of drunk, then something is wrong with you. It's infectious dance pop that is now a pehenomenon. Since you all have probably heard 'Tik Tok' a billion and one times by now, check out 'Your Love is My Drug', 'Dinosaur', and 'Stephen' (and then get her whole album so you can have a dacne party). (

Otep- I mentioned pop-punk, dance pop, and now it's time for some headbanging, gut-wrenching, incredible face-melting metal. Otep is a band I found this week and I am smitten. The band's vocalist is a woman (the band's namesake); I can't listen to a song without wanting to bob my head; I can understand the words; and Otep is a vegetarian and a gay-rights activist (and probably a lot more). What's not to love? My favorties so far are "Ur A Wmn Now" and "Smash the Control Machine." Give them a listen. Yes, I swear that's the same band. Isn't that amazing? =) (

Have fun jamming out, my dears.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


This year, I will:

Eat more vegan food. Not only will I be helping animals everywhere, I will be helping the planet and I will be healthier. I am shooting for one vegan meal a day. =)

Write a journal entry at least once a week. I fall on and off the journaling wagon, but journaling really is an amazing way to not only express your emotions, but reflect on them, come up with a solution, and feel better. Even if I have to write about something totally random, it keeps my creative juices flowing.

Use free time on weekends for yoga, pilates, or weight lifitng. I used to be on my school's swimming twim, and it was the most fit I had been in my entire life. I was more muscular, had more endurance, and I was sleeping better. I stopped swimming last year, though, and my entire body has changed again...but not for the better. My arms are back to the useless skinny things they once were, and I think it's time to get some muscles back.

Finish big projects. This was also my resolution last year, and it didn't get done. I will devote myself to working on things that seem a little big for me--this blog, NaNoWriMo, Script Frenzy, etc., and feel wonderful when everything comes together.

Get out of my comfort zone. It sounds scary, but in the long run I think it will be good for me. I will wear outfits that aren't my typical attire, I will do things that seem a little crazy, and I will look at change as an adventure. For once I am thrilled for some changes.

Live. Everyone has been told to live life to the fullest, but I don't know many people who take it to heart. Last year (it seems so funny to say that, doesn't it?), I learned the messages behind the musical Rent and read a fantastic book called Going Bovine. Both stories are screaming at you to make the most out of the time you've got. I'm going to do things that make me happy. I'm going to do this that scare me. I'm going to do something sort of stupid every once in a while. I'm going to be the person I want to be and fill 2010 up with incredible memories. ♥

Happy New Year, everyone. What are some things you want to accomplish this year?