Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey everyone!/ Add To Your Playlist

Hey everyone!
I know I've been sort of unavailable lately, but I haven't forgotten this blog. School has started up again, which means that homework and other extra curriculars and more social life, so I've been busy. =)
No worries, though, I will have some free time soon and I have many ideas for some articles up my sleeve. In the meantime, here are some amazing artists you should check out:

Swing the Coast- These boys have produced catchy pop-punk that makes me want to dance. Their songs remind me of summer and I cannot get enough of them (does pop-punk have that effect on anyone else?)! Swing the Coast is just getting started, but I'm sure that they're going to make it big. Thety have an amazing Katy Perry cover, an original Christmas song, and an entire EP on iTunes. All songs are incredible and give me that happy, summery feeling on the inside. (

Ke$ha-We've all heard 'Tik Tok', we know how to spell her name but nobody knows how to pronounce it (Keesh-ah? Kesh-ah? Cash-ah? Kee-Cash-ah?! I have heard so many pronunciations and I still have no idea which one is correct. I think it's Keesh-ah. Some things we may never know.). Whatever. I love this girl. Like Swing the Coast, Ke$ha makes me want to dance like crazy--and party. If you can get through Ke$ha's entire album without wanting to party all night and hooking up with some cute boys and getting sort of drunk, then something is wrong with you. It's infectious dance pop that is now a pehenomenon. Since you all have probably heard 'Tik Tok' a billion and one times by now, check out 'Your Love is My Drug', 'Dinosaur', and 'Stephen' (and then get her whole album so you can have a dacne party). (

Otep- I mentioned pop-punk, dance pop, and now it's time for some headbanging, gut-wrenching, incredible face-melting metal. Otep is a band I found this week and I am smitten. The band's vocalist is a woman (the band's namesake); I can't listen to a song without wanting to bob my head; I can understand the words; and Otep is a vegetarian and a gay-rights activist (and probably a lot more). What's not to love? My favorties so far are "Ur A Wmn Now" and "Smash the Control Machine." Give them a listen. Yes, I swear that's the same band. Isn't that amazing? =) (

Have fun jamming out, my dears.

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